Private or regular classes?

Hi guys!!

i'm new here in the forum,but i'm really like of all the informations!

So,i've a litlle experience particular of speak,i had to learn very more,of course,but iknow somethings and i talk with somefriends too,what do you guys think that is the best option to me?A private teacher or normal school with more persons in the class?

And to a guy like me with 17 years,what kind of job i can get just speaking english(but getting better of course)?

Thanks guys and really sorry of my bad english,i just writed what come to my head,rsrsrs.

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Aula particular ou turma em uma escola?

Bem-vindo ao fórum!
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Thanks man!

But,about the other question do you know somthing??? =)
A private teacher would give you special attention, obviously, while in a class the teacher has to work with all the students. Both are good options to learn English. I've heard that studying with other people helps to develop quicker for the environment, commom doubts, so on. Choose the option that pleases you best.