Projeto Conversação - Parte 3

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My video, now, has subtitles. >

I wrote them through

See ya
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Hi guys!! Here I'm with my video. I had to wrote the topics before starting because for me it's dificult to speak in front of a video camera even in portuguese!
I hope you help me apointing mistakes and how I can get better.
Hey guyz, I am putting a video in a few minutes, just hold on, I have only to solve a kind of problem that I facing to upload my video on youtube. BRB
So guyz my video is here:

sorry for the pronounce of the word promise. :D

What do you think about my video, what do I have to do to improve my speaking skills?
Hey guys!
Here is my video!

It was REALLY hard for me to make this video...
I couldn't even explain what it happens to me when I talk in English. ahhah :lol:
But that's okay!

I made a lot of mistakes, btw.
There are so many things I'd like to say on the video, but when I get nervous, I can't do anything I want to! ahhah
So, I promise I'll post some more disasters like this one. :D
Avatar do usuário rafaelisquierdo 185 6
Hey Guys !

I`ve pronounced some word a little strange like - So far and either.Instead of either I said neither :lol: .

Instead of saying "sharing" I said charing "...hauhaiu.... :shock: But it`s Ok ! Always making mistakes and learning with them.
Avatar do usuário dlr 65
pakuista I really liked your video because of the very end: 'see you later alligator! see you in a while crocodile!' (I always said 'after a while, crocodile!'). When I was younger, me and my grandmother used to say that. It reminds me of something similar in Spanish that I learned many years ago 'qué te pasa, calabaza? nada nada, limonada!'
Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3885 1 9 86
Suggestion: Instead of "I have sure", say "I am sure"

Eu JURO que tentei gravar um vídeo, mas quem disse que a câmera funciona?
(yes, we have it! desculpa esfarrapada = desculpa-esfarrapada-t2396.html)
Sandra,Pakuista e Talita very nice!I'm jealous of your english speaking,i'm afraid i'd start a video and woudn't be able to finish it just because i don't have much to talk about...I guess i'd have to plan it,,,to another time.This seems like will evolve to something really big,hun? :o
Congrats guys!!!
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Avatar do usuário rafaelisquierdo 185 6
OOOhh my GOD ! That's right Flavia

- I'm sure !

I don't know why I said " I have sure ". Thank's a lot for the observation !