Prongs on a spinning raffle wheel - Tradução em português

Alguém pode me ajudar na tradução das frases em negrito deste trecho de um romance que se passa na Alemanha nazista? Não compreendi a comparação dos faróis dos jipes com os "prongs on a spinning raffle wheel" nem o "tick, tick" dos farois... Os farois faziam algum tipo de barulho? Obrigada.

Like the prongs on a spinning raffle wheel, the lights blurred down the road, catching between the twisted branches. Tick. Tick.
Ticks of headlights slowing, slowing
. . . Until rumbling by in a plume of exhaust. She lifted her head enough to count two jeeps with four
Soldiers each.

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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Tick can be thought as a pulse, eletrical, an oscillation, a wave, usually eletrical but it can be other things as well.
The way it describes, it sounds like some kind of pulse, the headlights beams showed intermittently, effect perhaps caused by the bushes and trees in a winding road. It was like the ray beams were switched on and off to the observer eyes.
A raffle spinner or a prize wheel spinner (search the term and you will see) has dark and lighter colors intermittently, that was the impression the writer had, except that it was the color of the headlights and its absence in a cyclic rhythm.

It could be a bit on the metaphorical side as well, since funny things can happen in our brains, you can put the TV set in mute and someone switch the lights and your have the impression of listening the switch clicking (in your head).
Yes, our brains play such tricks - you know that TV sound is killed, but try to explain that to them!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
I forgot the "prongs", those would be something of a "projection", that would be the beams of light there. Those would give the effect of light, against the darkness of the surrounding road.

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