Prova Oral de Concurso

Vou realizar uma prova nestes moldes e estou um pouco perdido. Se alguém já passou pela experiência e puder comentar...

Segue o texto do edital.

"A prova oral, no valor de 10,0 (dez) pontos, de caráter eliminatório e classificatório, será realizada pela banca examinadora e consistirá em leitura, tradução, e versão de pequenos trechos e exposição oral com arguição no idioma estrangeiro e no vernáculo, que permitam verificar se o candidato detém o necessário conhecimento do idioma em avaliação,"

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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
I have never crossed that bridge, but I think what you can do is not get anxious (at least try not show it in your presentation, mainly when speaking).
There are ways to keep calm, a smile (they say) force the brain to think everything´s okay, and attracts empathy. Medidation can help, and focusing into something else, not that you will avoid eye contact, you can do that and at the same time don´t think the other people is out there to get, relax is the key. And I don´t mean you stare others in a confrontative way.
If you have studied until now, you are ready to that. So, go and get what you worth.
Let others speak, wait your turn, it´s a good thing (so you can let it sink in, and then you answer). And when you are making a presentation, make some pauses (not looong pauses), speak with a steady voice and pace.
Everything will go well.

Now the ball is on the court of the Experts...Let´s wait for further comments.
Cinnamon 15 61 498
Hi folks!

I will share with you sth that helped me a lot to get self-confidence when speaking English. Recording my voice reading a text, for instance, paying attention to the pronunciation, melody (rises and falls) and how it flows. You can use even your mobile or desktop to do that. Just to remind you of something important, fillers are always excellent to show fluency. So pause your speech with the famous "well, actually, so on...

thank you guys!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Good tips, cinnamon. Well said !