Quais séries vocês estão acompanhando?

OEstudantedeIngles 2 16 113
I''ve started to watch 'The hart of dixie'. Very good series, you guys should check it out =)
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edrob518 6 71
Hey there, OEstudantedeIngles.

I have never heard of it. Whats it about?

At the moment I am watching The Big Bang Theory, How I Met your Mother and recently started watching Breaking Bad which I fell in love with right off the bat. I was also watching Game of Thrones, but I dropped on episode 4 if I am not mistaken because it didnt get my attention. I've been told I should endure the first episodes because it gets better as it goes on. Perhaps I'll give it another chance to see if my interest reignites.
OEstudantedeIngles 2 16 113
Hey! It's about a doctor. She has to leave behind her life in New York to move to a little town in Alabama. At first, she thinks she doesn't belong there but she begins to realise it's not that bad..

> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1832979/
André Lima 3 21
As que eu acompanho e mais gosto são:

House of Cards
Série produzida pela Netflix com sua primeia temporada em 2013 e que, exatamente hoje sexta-feira dia 04/03/2016, é lançada sua quarta temporada. Uso para o listening. Assisto o mesmo episódio várias vezes.

Já na quinta temporada é uma série muito inteligente, empolgante e cheia de apelos culturais novaiorquinos. Também não só para o listening mas para melhorar a minha comunicação interpessoal.
Hi folks!!!!

I'm following Game of Throne in the HBO.

OEstudantedeIngles 2 16 113
Scream, Stranger Things, Scorpion, Game of Thrones e Downton Abbey =)
I'm following these series: Stranger things, Outcast and Thirteen

By the way, Stranger Things is definitely the best!
I´m watching gotham,suits, house of cards, vikings.
Hi there
I watch Orphan Black, Skins (is amazing to learn british English), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Stranger Things, and others that I don't remember. And I suggest you watch the youtube channel Cintya Sabino and Small Advantages, there so many tips of English and help a lot
Sherlock Holmes
Pretty Little Liars
The Vampire diaries
Filmes com legendas em inglês
Pequenos filmes youtube.
Blindspot, Girlboss, Orange is the new black
It´s incredible, nobody watched the most beautiful and amazing show already produced, Charles you must watch VIKINGS as soon as possible
OEstudantedeIngles 2 16 113
Grimm, GirlBoss, Orphan Black and Sense8
The Bing Bang Theory, Two and a half man, Friends
OEstudantedeIngles 2 16 113
Lucifer e Downton Abbey
I'm watching Suits! I lot shocked
Designated Survivor