Quais verbos em Inglês são reflexivos e quais não são?

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Olá pessoal, eu gostaria de saber quais verbos em inglês são reflexivos e quais não são, já que, em português escrevemos e dizemos "Eu me sinto bem" e em inglês dizemos e escrevemos "I feel good". Se houver uma lista de verbos reflexivos e não-reflexivos em sua resposta, ficaria grato .

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Dan. M,

Veja uma boa lista dos reflexivos:

to wake (oneself) up
to get (oneself) up
to wash (oneself)
to brush (oneself)
to clean (oneself)
to shower (oneself)
to bathe (oneself)
to dry (oneself)
to put on (oneself)
to put makeup on (oneself)
to cut (oneself)
to break (oneself)
to fracture (oneself)
to comb (oneself)
to die (oneself)
to throw (oneself)
to get (oneself) married
to worry (oneself)
to introduce (oneself)
to change (oneself) from
to fall (oneself) in love with
to take (oneself's) leave of
to move (oneself) to or from
to transfer (oneself) to or from
to complain (oneself) about
to find (oneself) in error
to get(oneself's) courage up enough to
to comport (oneself)
to kill (oneself)
to abstain (oneself) from
to repent (oneself) of
to lose (oneself)
to put (oneself)
to lay (oneself) down
to get (oneself) naked
to remove from (oneself) or to remove from (oneself)


Henry Cunha 3 18 183
Courtesy of Fernita, at http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=307168:

"1-General Use:
We can use most transitive verbs with reflexive pronouns when the meaning is appropriate.

He blamed himself for the accident.
The escaped prisoner turned himself in to the police.
You've really excelled yourself this time.

A very few verbs that are normally intransitive can be used transitively with reflexive pronouns:
They behaved themselves very well.

2- Verbs that are always reflexive:
He busied himself cleaning the room.
You´ll have to content yourself with second place.
They prided themselves on their performance.
They availed themselves of the free coffee.

3-Verbs that are commonly reflexive:
He proved himself to be unreliable. Don´t kid yourself: he´s completely untrustworthy. Put yourself together. If you don´t stop working for a bit you´ll wear yourself out.

Other verbs that we commonly use reflexively include:
assert, distinguish, commit, exert, repeat, suit.

4- There are verbs that change their meaning when used reflexively:

Beethoven composed an enormous amount of music. But: I took a deep breath and composed myself.
Please, explain what you mean. But: You need to explain yourself (give reason for your behaviour)
He applied for the job. But: He´ll have to apply himself to the work more."