Qual a diferença de "Mix" e "Blend"?

Os dois são verbos e tem o mesmo significado que é "misturar" qual a diferença e quando devo usar cada um?
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http://www.cheresources.com/invision/to ... nd-mixing/

In general by mixing two elements/products you can separate them again, by blending you have a new product or a product with a different characteristic.

In day-to-day conversation they might be interchangeable many times.

If doubt persists. Ask Donay, Ju Ju, Telma...

ha, ha, just kidding, okay?
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In addition to Paulo's answer, I tend to think of "mix" as the general English equivalent of "misturar" and "blend" as the English equivalent of "mesclar". If you are able to tell the difference between the Portuguese verbs, I believe you should have no problem distinguishing between "mix" and "blend" (I understand that there might be several exceptions to this general rule, and that some of the actual examples might not bear this out, but it should give you a decent starting point).
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