Qual a diferença entre as interjeições "oh" e "ah" em inglês?

Qual a diferença e em que contextos elas são mais cabíveis? Como usar?

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Both are exclamations to show surprise, often in a pleasurable way.
"Aah" is a 'corruption' of sorts, of the expression "ah", but the later could also mean that you have just saw or understood something. With "aah" it's closer to the "ooh" meaning (again, in the sense of a pleasant and interesting surprise).

Aahed - exclaimE in pleasure, satisfaction, surprise, or great joy
"ooh and aah", to exclaim in wonder or admiration. (Source - Dictionary.com)

Everyone oohed and aahed when they saw my brand new computer 286, It had a processor with the incredible speed of 333 Mhz!