Qual a diferença entre Beautician e Esthetician?

Ambos se referem a esteticista, mas qual o mais usado?

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Google N-gram shows "beautician" fairly more used, but it's nothing dramatic.
You also didn't tell in what settings you are thinking, say in beauty parlors, shops, etc.
To me, a beautician sounds more informal, and an esthetician would be more formal and sometimes it would deal with medical matters (body changes by surgery, etc).
Anyway, we would be speaking of the same profession when talking about people that deal with cosmetics, beauty treatments, etc.

In Spas, for instance, it may have a specialist such as an esthetician and/or cosmetologist to deal with cell and skin protection, and they should be licensed practitioners. No wonder; they deal with the well-being (health and vitality) of the largest organ of the human body, the skin.