Qual a diferença na pronúncia de boy friend e boyfriend?

Eu vejo em series e filmes pessoas falando boy friend e girl friend, só que sempre eu associo a namorado e namorada mas quase sempre é amigo homem e amiga mulher. Tem alguma diferença na pronuncia?
Porque realmente se tem um pausa entre as palavras e difícil notar porque eles não falam muito devagar...
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Not that I know, but the context always will make the difference. Say, if it is an article/feature about friendship, certainly it will be boy or girl friend. Unless if it´s stated otherwise.
Again, keep your eyes peeled for clues coming from the context.
But the thing is, If the person who said that is gay, how will I can discover what of the alternatives? Because Nowadays is hard to know if is a friend or no, because have lots of characters who can be gay or not in the series and movies, and certainly in the real life.
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In a movie you should then seek for contextualizing clues, like if the character hugs her partner/friend, if kiss, if they walk embracing each other, things like that.
Of course, there are cultures and some people that display such signs of affection, being just friends. So again, only watching some more you will know.

As for verbal clues, e.g. one girl could say "my girl friends go out with me on Friday and when we come back we sleep in the faculty/Uni dorm." certainly are her friends, classmates. Whereas, "Mary is my girlfriend" would be needed more clues. "Mary is a girlfriend of mine, since kindergarten times'' suggests they are colleagues since they were kids.
Back to the crux (of the matter): there´s not any difference in pronounce that I know, to make different meanings there.