Qual o nível de dificuldade nesse vídeo?

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Na sua opiniao, qual e o nivel de dificuldade do video abaixo:

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTIXFfpjf1o /youtube]
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Not much hard when one is used to rap, young talking, some expressions used by the young and you can even see that at times her second languages show (granted, I thought she was of Arab descent, with some guttural R-sounds). Even if she do her machine-gun talking, first thing that betrayed her rap origins, he he.
Without the subtitles I would pick on about 70% of her talking, I think. With time you can see what one´s is speaking by the way she is mouthing the words, the form of her mouth when talking.
Then come the expressions, the general script (the dad setting the rules of the house etc).
Funny stuff, I did enjoyed it. Then I searched and confirmed my suspicions (except that she is of Indian descent not Arab.)
So, the difficulty might be upper intermediate onwards, my guess; but then I am no professional of education or something.