Qual o sentido de "This was up" nesse contexto?

Jeanny0 130 1
And it's interesting because in these situations, we didn't do anything to attract the bear. We live in a very rural area. There's nobody around for kilometers. This was up, you know, remote cabin. There's no reason for the bear to be there, other than curiosity.
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1 resposta

PPAULO 54770 6 43 981
I would think of "up" with the meaning of "in a higher level", uphill, etc.
Before that sentence the author had written "for instance, I've spent a lot of time in a cabin up in the mountains."

So, "up", to my thinking could be thought as an adjective:
This was up, you know, remote cabin. (esta era uma cabana que fica no alto/que fica lá em cima).