Que tal praticarmos um pouco de "writing"?

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... at that moment, he started to run extremely fast, even more than "Run Forrest, Run", and a lot of his blood was spreading all over that place with those familiar objects. What was he doing there again? Was he back to the crime scene? But, wait a moment... where´s the dead body of that young beautiful lady?
:? He's completely confused. He does not know where the body is... he does not know his own name... What the hells is happening? He thinks to himself. One more time it seems to be a nightmare... Yet he wonders if he's in fact hallucinating. Maybe he's just a schizophrenic lunatic in a straitjacket in an asylum...

I guess this story is far from over...

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Anne, you failed to take up where donay left off. Here then goes a continuation.
donay mendonça escreveu:...realise that his life was hanging by a thread,he had no choice but to cut his own arm so that some of his blood could put those scary creatures off the scent.He managed to run away from that place while those carnivores stuffed themselves...

... full with what meaty morcels they could get their teeth on. But fast he ran, leaving the feeding beasts behind. "Phoooo," he exclaimed, "thank God these beasts missed me!"

Up overhead hovered a helicopter. Unsteadily at first, then firmly, its blades revolving madly to keep it from falling down. "Do I see rescue at last?" he hoped. He thought of home, of the kids and...
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... after a deep breathe, in a little while, he was still thinking and also staring when the heaven became really dark and a tremendous noise could be heard. At that moment, an enormous whole could be seen on that dark heaven and something like a rock started to fall down, hit his head and afterward ...
Apenas escrevi o que eu achei que iria acontecer, que tudo nao iria passar de uma alucinacao, devido a uma mente psicotica que pode gerar muitas situacoes dentro do cerebro humano... principalmente quando se tem algum problema mental, como schizophrenia. Com todo respeito, NAO ACHO QUE PERDI O CONTEXTO.

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Anne Dietrich escreveu:[...] principalmente quando se tem algum problema mental, como schizophrenia. Com todo respeito, NAO ACHO QUE PERDI O CONTEXTO.

No, you didn't. But what the hell, does the character in the story suffer from schizophrenia and would he likely find a psychiatrist he could go to in the middle of the dangerous rain forest? What about the rain, where could he possibly get an umbrella, for crying out loud?

IMWTK? Isso serviu para ser sarcastico? Espero que nao. Nao estou querendo discutir, longe de mim! Soh dei a minha versao do que achei que iria acontecer. Nao iria escrever nada estupido ou dadaista por aqui. E eu me pergunto o que tem de errado no que fiz!? Acho que alguem por ai precisa estudar mais o que a Schizophrenia pode fazer com a razao humana.
I'm done. Mais um post desnecessario.

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Okay, Anne. Let's get back to the story at hand. Let's think English, talk English, write English, whatever and try to wrap up the story the best we can.
:geek: that's ok...

p.s. isso eh o que acontece quando 'a medical geek' participa.

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Hi Folks,

...he woke up early in the morning and realised that everything he had been going through was just a nightmare, things went back to normal as time passed and he suddenly felt that drinking too much could be dangerous sometimes,Red Bull gives you wings but they can take you too high...