"Quem dá o tapa esquece, mas quem recebe não" em inglês

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Is there any idiomatic expression for it?
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"The beater forgets the beating, the beaten never do."

Before you ask why "the beaten never does", because it certainly is talking about the group of the beaten. When someones says that, it´s thinking about any and every beaten, not a particular one. Although, at the time of the speaking it applies to him (or someone whom he´s adressing to), for example.
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Just to complement PPAULO's words, we can use the structure the + adjective to refer to some groups of people in society. This structure takes a plural verb.

The severely disabled hurl their crutches at the corrupt.
The homeless have finally got a home.
The beaten to a pulp use the crutches the severely disabled hurled at the corrupt to go to the hospital.
The liked and the hated enjoy swimming in the nude.
The naked and the nude like the liked and the hated.