Quem fala mais rápido: Americanos ou Britânicos?

Quem fala mais rápido: Americanos ou Britânicos?
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There is no such thing as the speakers of a particular dialect speaking at a certain speed as a whole... It's a matter of personal speaking style.

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It might be a matter of personal experience as well, as there are some native speakers on the Web who do think Americans tend to speak faster than British people.

"Americans speak far faster than Brits, while Australians at about the same rate. In fact, when Americans come to the UK the thing they often comment on is how slowly Brits speak. Meanwhile, Brits who meet Americans always say how quickly Americans speak. To a certain extent there is regional variation. For example, I don't think anyone would dispute that people on the American coast speak very quickly. The average Midwesterner and the average Brit speak at about the same speed, and the old stereotype of Alabama is that they speak very very slowly, but having met one I would say that this stereotype, if it was ever true, no longer is. I'm afraid I don't know much about how Australians speak (real Australians at least), but I am firmly of the view that Americans speak faster than British people. Also, I have no idea why people say that Americans are more expressive, this is bizarre to me, since British people use a much wider vocabulary, have a longer and more powerful poetic tradition, etc." (Hinative)

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