Religion in English class - assuntos de religião nas aulas

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I've been thinking a lot about this for a while now. Most of my private students are religious to one degree or another, with the exception of a couple, the youngest ones, who are decidedly not so. And the topic of religion comes up from time to time, with interesting and varying results. So my question is, should there be discussions about religion in English class or not? The Pope comes to Brazil, the Boston Marathon bombers kill in the name of religion, the fall (again) of the Egyptian government and the ongoing civil war in Syria, which the US is about to stick its meddling nose in, are all religiously motivated. They are also all great topics of classroom discussion. But are there any religious topics that are taboo? How far should a teacher go when introducing religious themes? What should they avoid? How far should other students go when commenting on them? Religion is a touchy topic, and some people find it offensive to even mention it. But it makes up so much of what is relevant to so many people, it seems a shame not to discuss it? What do you think?
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So my question is, should there be discussions about religion in English class or not?

Yes, discussions about religion are possible in English class but it usually requires great tact. It's not something you should avoid at all costs, but I recommend not "defending" (saying you support) a particular idea or point of view. It's best to allow your students to express their opinions without you actually saying what you think about them. They are the ones who need practice with the language, not you. Your opinions must be as neutral as possible so as not to cause any controversy.

Try to create a relaxed atmosphere - listen non-judgmentally (and listen more than you speak). That way, things will always turn out fine.

See you!
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I totally agree, Donay. It is a valid, though touchy, topic, but one that should be discussed in the class under the right circumstances - a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Thanks for your input!