Report about the series "How I met your mother"

Hi guys, I'm writing reports about the chapter of How I met your mother to practice English. I need you correct my text, please. :D

In the chapter 7 of the 5 season of How I meet your mother, Barney and Robin are on a rough patch in their relationship, but they are very stubborn to admit this.

So their friends decided do something to do they break up. At first, Lily not agreed with this Idea, so Marshall and Ted had to do everything alone. They put a engagement ring in champanhe glass and asked the waiter to give Robin to she would thought Barned was wanted propose her to get married and broke up with him. However they decided really get married.

After this, Lily decide help them and created a plan to Robin and Barnet break up. But, the couple realized by themself that they were not happy together and diced breake up.

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Hello, how are you?
Well, aqui estão as devidas correções, nas quais também estou aberta para ser corrigida! - e também gravei um áudio para ajudá-la a entender o que está escrito!

Espero que seja útil e que eu tenha contribuído para seu aprendizado!
Have fun!!! :P

"In the 7th episode of the Season 5 of How I Met Your Mother, Barney and Robin were going through a rough patch in their relationship, but they were too stubborn to admit that.
So their friends decided to do something so they break up.
At first, Lily didn't agree with the idea, so Marshall and Ted did everything by themselves: they put an engagement ring in a champagne glass and then asked the waiter to give it to Robin, so she might think that Barney intended to propose her, therefore she would break up with him. However, they actually decided to get married!
After that, Lily helped the guys and came up with a plan in order to Robin and Barney finally break up. But it turned out that the couple realized by themselves that they were not happy together and decided to end up the relationship."

Camila Oliveira
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