Reported Speech - Discurso Indireto em inglês

He asked where it was
He asked which was it

Right, but I have to say that I still don't quite understand WHY sometimes we don't do the inversion
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In the examples in that thread, which is clearly the subject. For this reason, the indirect statement structure reproduces the direct one. That’s fine, no mystery.

In Marco’s original question, Who was your favorite artist as a child?, your favorite artist is the subject. So, the indirect sentence should have the verb after the subject.

But in English we can invert this order sometimes. This link gives us some cases: The inversion, according to them, tends to give a literary effect.
In another thread, natives emphasize the regular subj-verb order in affirmatives:

BUT… in Henry’s version, He asked her who was (had been) her favorite artist as a child, her favorite artist can be regarded as the complement of the subject (who), if we follow Loob’s explanation in that early thread:

As a matter of fact, there’s no practical difference in meaning, only structurally. The question is: which sounds better? :?