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LOL, I can't stop watching this, so funny, but it's hard to understand what they are saying sometimes because of their accent, but still awesome :lol:

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Me matei de rir, do vídeo e de mim mesma, que não entendi uma boa parte do que os caras disseram!
o seguinte é o que eu consegui entender...

Where's the buttons? Oh no - they installed voice recognition technology in this lift ?????. Voice recognition technology in a lift? In Scotland? You ever tried voice recognition technology? No. They don't do Scottish accents. Eleven! Could you please repeat that? Eleven! Eleven! Eleven! Could you please repeat that? Eleven! Who's idea was this? You need to try an American accent. Eleeeven! Eleeeven! That sounds Irish, not American. Doesn't it? Eleeven! Where in America is that, Dublin? I'm sorry, could you please repeat that? I'll try an English accent. Elevon! Elevon! Are you from the same part of England as Dick Van Dyke? Let's hear yours then smart-ass. Please speak slowly and clearly. Smart-ass! Eleven! I'm sorry, could you please repeat that. Eleven, and if you don't understand the lingo, ????? your own country! Oh, ????? back to your own country? Oh don't start ??????? can you be racist to your left? Please speak slowly and clearly. Eleven! Eleven! Eleven! You're just saying it the same way! I wanna keep saying it til I get it to understand (?) Scottish, alright. Eleven! Eleven! Eleven! Eleven! ??????Just open the doors! This is a voice activated elevator. Please state which floor you would like to go to in a clear and calm manner. Calm? Calm?? What's that coming for(?)? Why's it telling people to be calm? Because it knew that ?????? Scottish people would be going out for ?????. You have not selected a floor. AYE WE HAVE! ELEVEN! If you would like to get out of the elevator without selecting a door, simply say 'Open the doors please'. Please? Please?!? Suck my wally! Maybe we should just say please? I'm not beggin her for nothing! Open the doors please! Please! Pathetic.. Please remain calm! Oh !@#$!! ????????????? Just wait for it to speak. You have not selected a floor. UP YOURS YOU COOT! If you don't open these doors, I'm gonna come to America, I'm gonna find whatever pissbag just gave you a voice, and I'm gonna ??? an electric chair for ye! Scotland's your master(?). SCOTLAND! SCOTLAND! SCOOOOTLAND! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! - Going up?