Seleção--Pontos fortes e fracos

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Donay Mendonça 22 106 1.6k

Vejam o que pensam da nossa seleção em inglês em relação aos pontos fortes e fracos.


•Offence: Brazil scored an impressive 33 goals in 18 qualifying games. Led by top scorer Luis Fabiano, Brazil can hurt opposing teams so many ways: on the counter-attack, on set pieces, running right at you, or rip you apart with their speed and sparkling passing skills.
•Depth: Simply put, Brazil has it at every position. They have such a deep bench and enough world-class players that they could field two teams that could win this tournament.
•Coaching: Dunga has whipped Brazil into shape since taking over the team in the aftermath of its World Cup failure four years ago. Forget about the Samba-style soccer you usually associate with Brazil. The Selecao are far more serious under Dunga, and can grind out results with the best of them while playing tactically smart soccer.


•Tough group: In past years, Brazil has been drawn into pretty easy first-round groups. Not this time, as tricky matches against the Ivory Coast and Portugal await them.
•Over-reliance on the counter: Brazil is the master at the counter-attack, but they can be stifled against teams that are defensively well-organized. The qualifiers showed that they run out of ideas against teams who don't leave themselves vulnerable to the counter.
•Pressure: Being the No. 1 ranked team in the world isn't easy. It comes with a massive weight of expectations from their fans and the Brazilian media who second-guess the national team coach every step of the way. What's more, Brazil has to deal with the thought that anything less than a World Cup victory will be viewed as a failure back home.


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