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Frank Florida escreveu:P.S.: Haha corottoni, I actually came across a graph recently that answers that question -

Hahaha, cool!
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how about "which word in English do you like the most?"
only questions about the life, I wanna to learn with all
I suggest you write or publish something like this: what are the most commons questions asked by tourits when they visit a city? And how can I respond these questions. Thank u.
Whe do we need make to have a world better?
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Mr. Joe escreveu:Whe do we need make to have a world better?

Mr. Joe,

We have a very similar one: What can we do to leave a better planet for our children?
I have a question.

"The Brazil is ready for receive people to World Cup and Olimpics Games?"

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Good one, Kassio. I'll post it asap. Thanks!
For me interested about facilities an understand English, because I 'm started now, fifty two years old!
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my suggestion:

What do you do for a living?