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If you could be one character in a fairytale, what would you like to be?
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Hello Alessandro,

Can be a question about adventure sports and their equipments. You can add questions such as "Where do we can practise this sport?", "What Do I need to start?", for example.

I have interest in learn about more this vocabulary. How I say rapel, trilha, mosquetão, escalada... and others words of the genre?

Thanks for helping,
Avatar do usuário Alessandro 3030 3 9 72
Hi C. Adriano,

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll ask the Experts to create a topic about it.

Welcome to English Experts!
Who are we? And where do we go to?

I would like to do a suggestion.
I think that it should have more exercises about words, just to practice, such as, exercises with the uses of the word should, would, about fruits...and many others.
I don't know if someone do that suggestion yet, but in any case, I do. Thanks
I like questions about movies, music, university and others.
Hey E.E,

I have a suggestion:

I really would like to answer that:

What's your favorite ANTI-HERO?

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felipeh6 escreveu:1,609344

Felipe, what do these mean?
Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3885 1 9 86
Márcio, he was answering the previous message, by Henry Cunha.
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Hi everyone,

I like questions about tecnology and education. I don´t like questions about "End of the World" or "Sports".