Send us suggestions: What kind of questions interest you?

One suggestion for a topic:

If you could be one character in a fairytale, what would you like to be?
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Hello Alessandro,

Can be a question about adventure sports and their equipments. You can add questions such as "Where do we can practise this sport?", "What Do I need to start?", for example.

I have interest in learn about more this vocabulary. How I say rapel, trilha, mosquetão, escalada... and others words of the genre?

Thanks for helping,
Alessandro 3 11 91
Hi C. Adriano,

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll ask the Experts to create a topic about it.

Welcome to English Experts!
Who are we? And where do we go to?

I would like to do a suggestion.
I think that it should have more exercises about words, just to practice, such as, exercises with the uses of the word should, would, about fruits...and many others.
I don't know if someone do that suggestion yet, but in any case, I do. Thanks
I like questions about movies, music, university and others.
Hey E.E,

I have a suggestion:

I really would like to answer that:

What's your favorite ANTI-HERO?

Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
felipeh6 escreveu:1,609344
Felipe, what do these mean?
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Márcio, he was answering the previous message, by Henry Cunha.
Hi everyone,

I like questions about tecnology and education. I don´t like questions about "End of the World" or "Sports".

Hello everyone

My suggestion is a simple question: "What do you recommend for a cold?"

Are you addicted in the Internet?
Do you have great parents? Why?
This year is finishing, what have you done?...
Hello folks,

A suggestion is question about ciclyng and it´s culture.

I' m interested in questions about the environment, children, human rights.
I like questions such as "what is your favorite quote? And what does it mean to you?" Basically any question related with deep thinking.
Also questions about hobbies such as "what kind of movies do you like?", what's your favorite movie?".
And questions of general interests: "what other languages do you speak or would like to learn besides English?"
What´s your main skill wiil need improve about your job?
Hi guys,

I think that we could have more participation if we had questions like "What do you expect about the soccer league this year?" or "What movie can you suggest to us?". Do you know? Questions that instigate the members' interaction.
'"What do we do after we die?
The questions which interest me is about travel, animals, wine and internacional food.