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Hi Luciana

I understand your point and I think you should write about it there at the topic.
Although my examples of answers were very simple, we can promote a more thoughtful discussion. Your words about it would surely encourage the colleagues to discuss about.
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- For what purpose does a cat use its whiskers?
its a very good question.. who know that?

- Why do you suppose some people, especially children, are afraid of the dark?

- If I were you...
another suggestion

the english class will be substitute in the school because of expansion of the Spanish?
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saying that english is a easy language, is it a praise or a offense? why?

Now, I'm interessed about listening and pronouncing correctly, I like a bunch podcasts about real English anything.

I´d like questions adressed to phrasal verbs or combinated words...

Well, We could to translate newsreel´s Brazil, thus we can talk to foreigner friends better about Brazil.

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Hi experts,

Suggestion: Are modern parents too lenient with their children?

What about that?

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Another suggestion: What are the main problems in the city you live in?

I think anything is good.


"Do you believe in love in first day?"


"What movie makes you cry?"


"Is Felipe Dylon the hottest singer in Brazil?" :lol:
Chess game. Classical Music. Pop rock music. Pronunciation. Advices to learn the language English.
Finally, pronunciation and advices, pronunciantion and advices.

See you,
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gabii_fonseca escreveu:[...]"Do you believe in love in first day? [...]"

Dear gabii_fonseca, in all likelihood you might have meant, "... love at first sight," so termed because members of opposite sex will feel instantaneously attracted to one another.