Sharing what I have been learning (Adjective; Has-Been)

Hello you all,

Not sure you guys heard, but there was a curious rumor about Brian McKnight lately, who has produced a spicy song for a
porn website.

Anyhow, that is not the point. I saw the topic as Top Trend on Twitter in the US trends,
I've read something interesting, a word that I had to search about it to know better its meaning,
and this word is "has-been", written this way.

People were twitting something like: "Oh, I can't believe he did this, he is a has-been, nuthin more"

"Has-been", in this case, has been put as an adjective, which means that he was faded, all this fame had been wiped out,
He no longer was making success, then decided to make this song to show up again.

I hope it makes sense for you all.

Keep sharing what you've known !
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