Should English be the official language of the USA?

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Outside observer perspectives & debate whether or not English should be the official language of the US.

Yes or Not, why?
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Yes, it should be not only, but also because of being colonized by the British and that why this is the reason of which they adopted this as their official Language.
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What do you think that would happen if Argentina ever take The Falklands from the British government? I mean, they speak are English native speakers, so what if the place started to be occupied by those who speak Spanish.
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Oliveira Bequessa,

No, they didn´t !
Avatar do usuário Redseahorse 8460 1 13 157
Gabriellock, sorry mate!

Parallelly, I didn´t realize a correlation between the uncomprehensible US case and your enquiries.
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Well, I think they have been managing quite all right without having an official language, hehe.

I mean, English is the de facto official language, if Congress made it THE official language, it would just be a piece of paper, nothing more. It wouldn't change anything in the country.
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Hi folks!!

Totally agree with Dourado:

In some states the language is official due to the fact that states in USA are allowed to have different laws. Apparently, less then 30 states have English as an official language.
They manage the absence of an official (national) language very well.