Should we buy organic food instead of mass produced food?

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isabelladevonne escreveu:I guess.. not. Because we have ever eaten things not organical, or not too organical. But we have to eat healthy foods, like salads and grilled chicken, to keep our body and our health healthy.


I am not sure what you are trying to say here but I am going to try to rewrite your post to say what I think you are trying to say.

"I guess not, because we have always eaten mass produced foods. But we have to eat healthy foods, like salads and grilled chicken to keep our body healthy."

The correct terms are organic or mass produced, the phrase and our health healthy is redundant.

Overall, you have a good grasp of English for such a young lady and with some hard work and study you have great potential.
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If you buy organic food, you're also contributing to have cleaner water, because in this way it's being used less polluting chemical products, mainly on the farms. Besides that, all soils will be healthier too. So, if soils are healthier, they will also produce healthier foods!

That's it!
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It's important to buy both of them, because mass produced food is not necessarily harmful as long as organic food is not necessarily more nutritious.