Significado de "A long shot"

Qual é a tradução de "a long shot"?

Ex.: It's a long shot, but it just might work.
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>> chute (informal).
>> tentativa.

Related expression: a long shot
>> tentativa longa, demorada; tentativa arriscada.

It's a long shot, but it just might work.
>> É uma tentativa arriscada, mas deve funcionar.
Algo pouco provável, com poucas chances de dar certo; um tiro no escuro.
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"It's a long shot, but it just might work.
>> É uma tentativa arriscada, mas deve funcionar."

I'm sorry but this is not a good translation, not just the main subject here but the whole sentence. As the user BiahCane said, it refers to something that isn't very likely to work, that and "risky" are two different things. When one says "risky" people think of something that might end up having bad consequences which isn't necessarily the same as something that is a "long shot" (unlikely to work). As for "it just might work" being translated like "deve funcionar", it's not correct because "it might work" means "maybe it will work" and not "it will probably work" which I believe to be the idea of the translation. I just had to point this out so the learner doesn't get misdirected.
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Thank you so much, LEONARDO96!

I believe we have a great team here so the learner will not be misdirected. :)

The previous sentence is refereed on Mairo Vergara's website, which is translated literally as um tiro no escuro.

However, I considered this reference when I presented my adaptation.

If we are working with slightest chances, I see a risk of the target won't be hit, in other words, an unlikely chance that a goal will not be achieved.

The Portuguese word risco, which is translated as risk in English, refers to the risk of the person not hitting the target, making a mistake, which implies losing a competition, or a race for a medicine, etc.

Since I used the word "arriscada" - which means "risky" - in the first sentence, I analyzed that the second sentence could accept both words "deve" or "pode", which in Portuguese, are synonyms when we are talking about probabilities.

My example was an adaptation, not a literal translation.

So long,

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I understand, thanks for clarifying it. I just thought I'd weigh in with that because more likely than not the OP would look at that sentence the same way I did.
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Ricardo's suggestion (translation/version) is coherent and absolutely reliable!
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