Significado de "bang" em "More bang for you buck"

According to The free dictionary
bang for your buck (American informal)
if something that you buy gives you more bang for your buck, you get more value for your money by buying this product than from buying any other
Usage notes: 'Buck', in American English, is an informal way of saying 'dollar' (= a unit of money in America).
My question is: It's clear the meaning of buck in the expression, but this is not at all true for the wor "bang" - What bang means here guys?! Can you give me lights on this matter?

See ya! ;)
Thnks in advance!

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4 respostas
Redseahorse 2 28 380
eu entendo BANG como o próprio VALOR
Mas não literalmente bang tem outros significado certo, como um estrondo, um barulho?
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
Isso mesmo.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Get a bigger/better etc bang for your buck is an informal way, and a fixed expression, to say that you get more result/fun/a good effect for the effort or money that you spent on something.

In Portuguese we could say that, in a way, "seu dinheiro tem melhor retorno" (vale mais/aproveita mais/tem mais resultado/maximiza o valor do que você paga - não o preço, o valor/vale mais a pena, etc).

Why Finland, Korea and Czech Republic get the most bang for their educational buck. ... buck-31264
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(no Boardwalk o serviço, a localização perto do zoológico, tudo, vale cada centavo gasto./vale a pena/não poderia ser melhor gasto.)

O que nos leva ao conceito de "valor" do qual o Red falou/se referiu.