Significado de "Bruce Hornsby" e "The Range"

Bene Menezes
Hi, everybody!

Today, I have a simple doubt:

What can I translate a name of a famous nort american jazz-band, from 80's, called 'Bruce Hornsby' & "The Range", for the Portuguese Language?!
Look: This term "The Range", I've just been looking for in anyplace, here in the "Internet", but I didn't get it successfully...

Please, help me! I need know it, so much!
I stay waiting for help yours!

In time: Thank You, very much!

Bye; bye!
Sgn: Bené Menezes
On: March 30th; 2017
At: 01:20pm
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Bene Menezes

Ricardo, 'Congratulations', for the great explanation yours!
After that, I really stayed without doubts, 'cause, at see the 1st example, I got to understand the term "Range", more with relation (I wanna say: 'so close to') at the Band of the famous jazz musician "Bruce Hornsb". Yea...Now, I've just been, definitelly, understang it!
Very; very nice for my constant learning!


Thank You, so much!

Sgn: Bené Menezes
At: 10:37pm
On: Mar 30th; 2017

Bene Menezes
Sorry: I wanted say You, in the last message:

"...Now, I've just been understanding it, definitelly!..."

Obs: There was an "error typing"!


Sgn: Bené

Ricardo F. Bernardi 12480 19 260
Good evening, Bene
Sorry to keep you waiting.

According to my research, there are a lot of meanings for this term 'range'.
So, let me present some of them I believe it is related to the band's ideals.

1st = Arranjo Musical (Musical Arrangement).
Have you prepared the musical arrangements? = Você preparou os arranjos musicais?

Note: Range would came from the word arrangement.

2nd = Diversidade (Diversity).
Diversity leads to innovation = A diversidade conduz à inovação.

3rd = Alcance, abrangência, patamar.
What is the range of the new ballistic missile? = Qual é o alcance do novo míssil balístico?

4th = Variação, míriade = (variation; myriad)
The participants in the survey gave us a wide range of response. = Os participantes de nossa pesquisa nos deu uma ampla variação de respostas.

Note: A myriad (from Ancient Greek μυριάς, myrias) is technically the number ten thousand; in that sense, the term is used almost exclusively in translations from Greek, Latin, or Chinese, or when talking about ancient Greek numbers. More generally, a myriad may be an indefinitely large number of things.

I hope I've helped you.

Sincerely yours,


Ricardo F. Bernardi 12480 19 260
Not at all!