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Na frase: "I need to go to Drag Con and get my sh*t together. "
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To get one's sh*t together:

To organize and manage one's affairs and life properly; HAVE one's DUCKS IN A ROW (1960s+)

Related Terms: get one's act together ou, simplesmente, get it together.

Get (one's) sh*t together
1. Slang To organize one's belongings. Dude, get your sh*t together—I trip over something of yours at least once a day! Get your sh*t together—we have to leave in five minutes and you don't want to forget anything!
2. Slang To start to make progress in one's life. A: " Did you hear that Drew plans to go to college in the fall?" B: "Wow, he's really gotten his sh*t together since being arrested last year!" I really need to get my sh*t together before I'm old and gray with no accomplishments to my name.

"I gotta get my sh*t together" = "Tenho que tomar jeito na vida; me organizar"

Algumas frases encontradas na Internet:

"Shane Dawson Needs To Get His Problematic sh*t Together"
"Eliot does not want Thai food all the time, but if they can get their political sh*t together, they might be formidable."
"This is a great resource for anyone looking to get out of the red and get their financial sh*t together."
"'Those who insist they've got their 'sh*t together' are usually standing in it at the time."

Possível gramaticalmente, mas não idiomaticamente:

"Hey, Zequinha, please get my stinking sh*t together. It looks like I shat all over the house. First you can start wiping the sitting room floor. Then wipe the kitchen floor. Then my parents' room. Then the walls. Then the ceiling..."
"Zequinha asked Marcio_Osorio to get the whole worlds squirting sh*t together, lest it makes everybody else sick on the planet."
"M_O warned his guests that he'd get their massive sh*t together at least every four years."