Significado de "hanging to something"

Hi, guys. How are you doing?

So... I'm studying the song Green River of the Creedence Clearwater Revival, one of my favorite bands, and I faced one weird expression to me in the sentence below:

Wonder if my rope's still hangin' to the tree.

I would say this sentence this way: Wonder if my rope's still hangin' on the tree. Changing to the for on the.

Could you tell me more details about why to the has used in this sentence instead of on the?

As you can see, my English isn't good. But I always try to communicate myself in English to practice. Sorry if you can't understand me. :)

Thank you all!
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I guess the expression you´re refering to is "hanging ON to something" which means to "keep" something.
For instance "hang on to those books,they might be useful in the future" = "you should keep those books,they might be useful in the future".
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In this case it means that the rope is tied to the tree, as he sails on the river, stops in some places and wonders if the boat rope is still hanging to the tree while he is enjoying himself. That's how I understand it.

(By the way, don't sell yourself short; your English is good, I can understand you!)