Significado de "Most Likely"

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Hello, guys! What is the meaning of the expression "most likely"?

I've seen this on Facebook page of Jimmy Fallon's TV show, where he puts some pictures of athletes with a subtitle as "most likely to be the eyes behind the paintings at the old mansion". I can understand the whole idea of the joke, I even laugh sometimes, :lol: but I still didn't pick up this expression. Could you guys help me?

Thanks a lot!
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Most/very likely
Very probably = existe grande probabilidade

The illness was caused, most likely, by a virus.
The shares will most likely be worth less than 5% of the amount that would be paid...

Source: Oxford dictionary
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"mais provavelmente/muito provavelmente/há grandes chances de...", etc.
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Got it now! :D

Thank you very much!!!