Significado de "My mother had me tested"

O que significa a famosa frase de Sheldon Cooper, personagem da série The Big Bang Theory:

I'm not crazy - my mother had me tested.

Se não me engano, é uma frase em indirect speech, não é?


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Hi there!
I will try to help you:

"What someone does for us"

We use have + object + -ed form when we talk about someone doing something for us which we ask or instruct them to do. It emphasises the process/action rather than who performs.

In English we use HAD (have or has) to emphasise that something has been done by someone else.

I had my hair cut. (I didn't do myself)
She had her car washed. (she paid for that)

In some contexts (informal) GET/GETS/GOT can be used instead of HAVE.

In the show you wrote about Sheldon says: "Minha mãe me testou." or "Minha mãe fez com que eu fosse testado." 'course she didn't do that herself.

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Thank you very much
It sounds strange in portuguese, but in English this kind of sentence is self-explanatory!
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You are on the right path, Vanessa. I didn't get why Portuguese wasn't capitalized and English was, though. Just kidding around :-)