Significado de "Rolling 7s" (nome de uma música da banda Dirty Honey)

Qual o sentido de "Rolling 7s", título da música da banda Dirty Honey?

Letra: Rolling 7s
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When you throw the dice and it counts seven in total (combined, I mean)
It, as the guy pointed out gives you an advantage in some games (bubble crap it seems) and score a lot of points in others.

So, in the music it could be about the guy "having the upper hand" in the relationship, knowing her psyche (feelings and emotions) or it could mean that he is willing to gamble (because it worth it, doesn´t matter whether or not he has something to lose - or win).

But with lyrics, music interpretation one never knows. Ten out nine people will have different explanations for it, after listening to it. ... aps.18964/
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