Significado de "son of a stepfather"

Hello guys!

A student of mine asked me something but I couldn't help her yet, so I came for help.
In the song I'm so sorry by Imagine Dragons, they use the sentence "a son of a stepfather", what does it mean? Is it another way to say "son of a..."?


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Redseahorse 2 28 382
Don't think so! I'd rather say this stanza's a literal bearing .
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
To me, the lyrics writer took some poetic licence and make this expression. Indeed, it certainly is open to interpretation (it´s up to the listener, "the beauty" is in the ears of of the listener...

I found elsewhere that someone interpreted that the song is about a guy/boy, a son of divorced parents that lives a though life, soon he discovers that he is raised by a grandfather (not a parent).
Maybe he thinks his problems are caused by not having a father around, then he is sorry for making trouble, lots of it, for his grandpa. But then albeit not too late (but enough time to regret his wrondoings ).

It makes sense, it could theoretically be a real story.