Significado de "Warp in" e "outrun"

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I've searched on Cambridge, Oxford, Ell.stackexchange, Urban Dictionary and English.strackexchange but I didn't found out. I'm studying with series and I saw in the fourth episode of one.

Theses phase:
One, two, three... warp in!
You can't outrun me! We both have short legs.
Note: They were running and the person loosing said outrun.
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I can't access that link, but in sci-fi, "warp" usually refers to teletransportation or faster-than-light travel (reach warp speed). "Warp in" could be "to teletransport into some place", or something like "show up really fast", "show up out of nowhere".

"Outrun" usually means "run faster than", but it may sometimes be used with a meaning closer to "avoid".
You can't outrun me.
You can't run faster than me.
You can't avoid me forever.

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Saudações, terráqueos.

Warp é mais uma das palavras que aprendi um dos seus significados na série Star Trek. Ao dar a ordem Warp two! ao piloto, significava dar um impulso de duas vezes a velocidade da luz à nave. Porém neste contexto, warp tem o significado de "dobrar" ou "distorcer" o espaço, que é uma teoria aceita pela comunidade científica de que não seria a nave a viajar nesta velocidade, mas o espaço que se dobraria (literalmente) trazendo o destino próximo do ponto de partida, fazendo com que a viagem levasse um tempo pequeno.

Para outros significados de warp, além dos já mostrados no tópico, consultem o dicionário Collins: ... glish/warp

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In the context Outrun could means "run away of or flee"? Like You can't run away/flee of me. Looks more natural. But you need context for undertand, so please watch the scenes.

Warp in at 01:01 and Outrun is at 06:44.

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Warp in would be bend/curve/contort and get in (get inside the enemy lines it seems to me - game wise).
This guy translated into "desdobrar" but it doens´t make much sense to me,

Again, the following site states that:
Many Zerg units rely on speed to get up close to their enemies for maximum damage output, so it ammounts to wreak havoc behind enemy lines. The "in" would suggests "going inside".

Without much context, I leave it at that.

Outrun = (in the given example) você não consegue correr mais (do) que eu/você não consegue me ultrapassar.

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Yes, in that context it would mean "you can´t run away from me", in the sense of "sometime I will catch up with you".
The "warp in" is really unusual to my thinking, I couldn´t quite put a finger in the meaning. One possibility would be that their friends would "change/morph into" their superheroes form and then enter the room, since "warp" has also a "make or become different" meaning.
That is, an "evolve/transmute/transform" meaning. Again, just a hunch of mine here.

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I agree with you, it makes a whale of a sense.

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Very good indeed, distort is one meaning from the Thesaurus as well. From this to teletransportation/teleportation sense would be a matter of some years.