"Só mesmo no Brazil" - or Jabuticaba fruit!

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I have seen some people out there likening "Jabuticaba/jaboticaba fruit" as a thing of Brazil, meaning "some (unusual) things that only happen in Brazil".

Pick, for example "Há coisas que só acontecem por aqui, além de ser o único país que tem jabuticaba e onde ocorre a pororoca, o Brasil resolveu inovar também na política."

Well, Jabuticaba/jaboticaba is a fruit found in Brazil, but then in Argentina, Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia. So, in terms of "Brazilian peculiarity" (things peculiar of Brazil", it could work well with citizens of the southern hemisphere countries.
But not with countries under the Equator´s line, at least to those in the know. So, I think.

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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Thanks for sharing, I would say that it´s becoming a fixed expression. Only that Jabuticaba technically doesn´t exist only in Brazil, he hee. I am okay with that, though. :-)