Social Networks and the effects on human relations

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One of the immediate means of communication that we know today are Social Networks, over the years it have become increasingly present and with different types. Thanks to the popularization of the internet in the 2000s the social networks, another type of communication and entertainment service began to gain strength, so people have been spending more time interacting with other people through social networks thanks to their great varieties.
In fact, the idea of social networking is older, much older than than the Internet, since social networks represent people, interaction, information exchange, dialogue. That is why it is true that social networks have emerged back in the days of the caves, where people gathered, communicated and shared.
Therefore, with the internet, this idea of sharing information and communication ended up going to the online world, as we know it today.
But before social networking was one of the main means of communication, e-mail was the main way to communicate, but as the years passed the needs of a tool with which it could do more than communicate as people who only own their own Email, was thus the idea of social networks we know today began.
Basically it may be says there is still a discussion of how online social networking has emerged, but it can be said that its emergence was in American universities in the late 60's and early 70's.
In 1995 "Classmates", the first social network was in fact created, as an objective of meeting school friends, college, etc. Already in 1997, AOL Instant Messenger and Sixdegress were created, and already in 2002 Friendster was created, being the network that most approaches the current models. As of 2003 we have created social networks that we know well, such as My Space, Linkedin, Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapachat and others. During the years, several social networks were created, but many of them were short lived, an example is Orkut.
In the current scenario, social networks are no longer see as something fleeting or modest, but as something definitive, that became more than just an interaction tool among friends, but a tool with a key role in real-time communication, Be it for companies, for news, for whatever it takes.
With technology development, social networks that used to be something more physical nowadays are practically online, since speed and agility are important factors today, and thanks to social networks it is as if the distance between people has diminished, people of the entire world are connected, so everything happens before in the network.
People's lives are influenced by social networks, and the effects are present in our day to day, we see this in many aspects, as in schools, in companies, and more and more things that could only be done personally can today be solved easily thanks to the social networks. Human needs gave life to social networks, it is the need for everything to be instantaneous nowadays has made social networks part of our daily life, as well as everything that makes our life easier.
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