Some of them are taking a liking for Br. Portuguese...

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It seems a good thing that the guys abroad are taking a like for Brazilian Portuguese.
With that we learn something about English (and other languages) compared with our Brazilian Portuguese. My feeling is that more and more students like
From abroad like Brazil language, culture and people. It´s amazing how self-made speakers, people that come here on business and even tourists come and like the Brazilian way of life (I mean, in general not all of it, but the exchange mark their lives).
Roaming some YouTube videos I do have seen that they got interested and got the hang of at least a bit of Portuguese, and who doesn't like a bit of conversation or communication?
So, there´s the video channels, the likes of Alemahai, Nienke, Pulamuralha, Iga Nowak, Coreaníssima, Condessa Anasta, and so on and on.
Good that Portuguese is somehow taking the world by storm! Sometimes we don´t ever figure how beautiful Brazilian Portuguese is, but it also has it charm!

See a video that shows someone that learned some Portuguese and grasped some nuances of it...

I hope you enjoy it, all that I wrote was on a language perspective, not of a fan of Youtubers or something. Just saying!
By the way, I like all things language related. I focus on English because it was the first I found, but I study Spanish as well. I made forays into German, but I stopped when they had to get me into a straightjacket! Ha ha ha! :-)

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