Spanking Causes Aggression at Early Age

It is the hottest of hot-button issues - sure to spark LONG conversations at playgroups all over the country. Tulane University is out with a new study in Pediatrics that says toddlers who are spanked at age three are more likely to be aggressive by age five.

The American Academy of Pediatrics always recommends that parents find other ways to discipline children with other methods, but most adults (72%) say it's ok to spank children.

This new study finds a direct link between spanking and aggression at an early age...make sense? Do you think parents react to information like this or just act on impulse?


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8 respostas
josneywat 6
Actually, people need love more than anything else in the universe.
Marcio_Farias 1 23 214
Yes, but some parents do not think so. Some fall right into the category of violent by letting fly at their kids at an early age when kids become more impressionable. Or more spankable. While my father may not fall into that category, I can clearly recollect the days he'd use a short bamboo cane to non-viciously spank me into doing things right. This he did a few times only. I do not hate him for that. Today, at 94 going on 95 he can't even hold his soup spoon correctly if we don't do it for him--much less a bamboo cane. (My mom, who died at 77, would just look on but try to soothe things up.)
josneywat 6
Sweet Marcio,

I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you are a better father than your father. That's one of my finest missions on earth. For the moment, I'm a good uncle I think.
Marcio_Farias 1 23 214
Thank you for commenting on my post. At 56 and still unmarried, I've only so far started dating. I have recently met this girl from Garanhuns-PE with whom I plan to stay longer than I did with the other girls I dated (and dumped) in the past. I have never raised--nor spanked--a kid.
Henry Cunha 3 17 182
There is a saw, repeated here only for language purposes:

Spare the rod, spoil the child.
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Gabi 1 1 15
A mean saw, that's what it is! Very pertaining for the subject Henry.

I do agree with what's been said. It's completely possible to educate children, perhaps putting them in the corner, make them to think about what it is right and wrong, explaining, talking but never beating at them.

Spare the rod, spoil the child sounds to me exactly like it's said in Portuguese "Esse(a) menino(a) tá precisando é de umas palmadas"... . I don't know in other countries, I guess it's the same thing,we've got deceptive ideas about so many things because these ideas have been part of our lives since we were born. Like the idea that it is ok if you want to just give some splaps in your child, otherwise they'll become spoiled.
But things have to change someday.
And I believe that this is one of them, hopefully.
It's right that we have to educate these kids.
But we all must know how to educate neither letting them too "liberal", but also nor so fire and sword...
Because the love is the most important thing that everybody must have, mainly since we are chidren, because it's in this age that we learn everything for our whole life.
If the parents don't educate them, they'll do everything they want... that's dangerous.
But If we educate them just by sparking and beating them a lot, they'll not know what is the LOVE, they will live everytime afraid, they're goning to think that agression is the most normal thing in the world, and then they'll grow up too agressive and bad with others.
So the best way to educate the kids is: if they do something wrong, first explain, at second you put him at a kind of punishment and let him think in what he's done...

That's it...
thank guys....thank you very much for your opinion!

more opinions about the issue:

- dcrintaunton — those folks at tulane really have something there, don't they? .....more aggresive by age 5? i'm certain that a child who is spanked early on is sure to become a mass-murderer by age 10. what floors me is the parent who actually tries to negotiate with some screaming, whining, incoherent offspring. it's hilarious. the first thought that comes to me is; be careful, the kid probably has a good lawyer. beware! so pathetic. like my kids never got a swift shot on the backside: in public or otherwise. neither of my children are rooming with charles manson, as yet. so much for that theory. as for me? let's just say that i remember the lasting impression that a good public butt slapping made on me. my 89 year-old mother refers to it as "portugese justice." i recall that back when ..... the other folks in the department store were damn near cheering. and i lived to tell about it.

- Mann — Cynic; Just catching up! Had a good laugh about the Ivory soap only....LOL! I never got to eat soap, but I remember being very angry at my mother one day and before I could catch myself, i called her a b--ch. There was no time for soap. I got a backhand (which I totally deserved) so hard that I only need to add blush to one cheek even after all these years and my left ear is still ringing. At least i could have rinsed the soap out. Guess who never swore in front of her mother again, never mind call her the "b" word ever again? :)
Apr-13 - CYNIC — those days it didn't take much to get the soap.....What would get you Lava Or Lux would be considered normal conversation today.....If anyone ever dropped the F---bomb it would be like Heroshima or Nagasaki......I never tried it but I'm certain if I had, the World (Or at least the part that I Occupied)would end !!!!

- CYNIC — emom.....Did your Mother ever use the old SOAP IN THE MOUTH trick?...Ivory wasn't bad but Lifeboy was really horrible.Whenever I knew I had it coming I would hide the Lifeboy and the Palmolive and make sure I got the Ivory.

- emom — cynic, no never got soap, threaten if I said bad words,, so made sure I didnt , but damn it I was bad,, that cowhide leather belt sure found my butt. damn it if , it didnt hurt,, where is a soft cushion,, hahahahha couldnt sit for a bit ..... but I have ful respect of things and folks,,,, so I guess I turned out darn good,,, oh and I do

- graywolf — Ever since Dr. Spock said it was bad to spank your child, discipline has taken the fast track downward. Dr. Spock sure had all the answers didn't he, his own son committed suicide.

Every time I go into a Wal-mart or other store, I see small children that are OUT OF CONTROL. Time outs are a joke in most cases. Human respond to two opposing forces: Pleasure and Discomfort. So children need to understand at an early age that NO means NO and without kicking, screaming, and making a scene.

I have noticed that some races seem to be very good at raising respectful children, such as Indians ( from India ). Their children always seem to be very well mannered. Maybe they are on to something.
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