Speaking English for 30 seconds a day

rafaelisquierdo escreveu:Hey guys...

Now it is my turn to practice a little bit so you guys can tell me what my english sounds like.

Hello! Here's my response as well, for the comments made by rafaelisquierdo and Alessandro as well. I also agree with Sra. Tradutora's comments. Let's keep talking to each other! (:
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Hi, my name is Beatriz. And I'm studying English about 6 months ago. Since then, I'd never studied English. I love this language, and I learn with ease. Everything I know, I learned on twitter. Talking to another people, translating on Google Translator, and searching on. But I have a problem: I ALWAYS translate to Portuguese, so I take a time to speak, because I spend that time thinking. How could I don't think in Portuguese before I speak?
Hi, Beatriz! Welcome and thanks for the contribution (:
I've made some comments, which are also on my recording:

- "I'm studying English about 6 months ago. Since then (...)"
If you have been studying English and is studying EVEN now,
a better way to say that is "I've been studying English for
six months". The present perfect (the "have been") is a form
that is used to indicate an action that has some connection
with the present. You could also say "I started studying
English six months ago", and one can guess that you're
still at it.

- "I love this language, and I learn with ease"
You pronounced "ease" the way you would pronounce "easy".
Please check out the pronunciation on this link:
http://oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries ... onary/ease

Oh, and a note: don't trust google translator, sometimes
he doesn't spell things right... I think it would be better
to just follow the dictionary for words that you don't know and
the rest you can try to hear from "real people", but that's
just my opinion.

- "Talking to another people"
I think "talking to other people" is the correct form,
but I prefer to leave the explanation for people who know
the grammar section better than me, haha.

(Oops, I didn't know that the audio had time! I'll continue on another post! haha)
Here I am again haha! I'll take up from the point where I stopped on the last recording:

- "I take a time to speak"

I've never seen someone use "take a time" in this way. I
think it's more common to say "I take some time".

- "How could I don't think in Portuguese before I speak?"

It would be "How could I not think". I'll also leave the
explanation to the grammar people. hahaha Sorry, I don't
want to say something that could be eventually wrong, so I'll
leave it to them!

About your question, I think it's something natural to do, I
mean, to think in Portuguese. It's common when you're
starting to learn. I think that only time and a lot of input
can solve that. I mean, I did that too, but when I started
to really read a lot on English, watch a lot of movies, etc.,
I started to think about IMAGES and not words that would
translate into what I wanted to say. I don't know if that's
understandable, but oh well hahaha

I think that it! See ya and welcome to EE (:
rafaelisquierdo escreveu:Hey what`s up guys!

Crisley Alves: Nice dude! You developed you english in a very nice way throughtout the audio and you berely thought before saying the words. Just one hint, try to imitate more the accent of native speakers.

Hello Rafael, how you doin'?

Well, it's been a month since you wrote it, I couldn't answer because my facebook was disactivated and I had to be logged in the facebook to be capable of writing something here, anyway, I really appreciate your feedback.

See you later, bye.
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Hello participants for the "Speaking English for 30 seconds a day" challenge. I'm Daniel, a self-taught in English, so, I'm here just to let a message for you to listen some things I have to talk about my learning progress. In the past 2 years, I think I was able to grow in reading and writing considerably, taking into account I still have too much to get better . However,my main purpose at the moment is to improve my listening and speaking skills. For that, I'm trying hard to devote myself in the English phonetics lessons and listening lessons through movies, documentaries, TV shows, musics and videos in general - mainly on Youtube. So, this is part of my learning process in a few words. Don't forget that any comment, suggestion to my audio recording is welcome learners. Thanks for reading or listening.
Hey, what’s up?
This weekend I couldn’t go to my English course, because I had a headache and fever, I woke up feeling really bad, so I didn’t go to my course, I stayed at my bed all day long, I didn’t even had lunch that day, I was feeling really bad, but I’m far better now.
So, this week, I’m making up.
I made a review about what I’ve been learning since the beginning of the course, I also watched lessons from native speaker on Youtube, I practiced my writing too, I don’t have problems while writing, because it’s something that I often do, but I did just to practice.
And, I also recorded myself speaking in English, I’ve being doing this since June because doing this, I can evaluate how I’m sounding to those people who are listening to me.

Well, that’s it.
I hope you have enjoyed and I’m waiting for your feedback.
Hello everyone! My name is Italo! I realy liked this topic, so, this is my first reply.

I am searching for a website where I can meet other people to help me to improve my skills. My dream is to learn english, because i may have other opportunities like work and also make new friends around the world. I would like to take tips of you guys. So, do not hesitate to contact me and correct me if necessary, ok? Thank You, Good Night!
Hi Italo.

That was excellent!

A couple of pronunciation points:

Opportunities (the tu is pronounced "chew") http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ ... nities?s=t

And hesitate (we do not say "ee" at the end of the word)

Also, "I would like to take tips of you guys" should read, "take tips from you guys" (not "of").
You are receiving the tips and "from" acts like a direction away from something, e.g. "I am coming from <----- the shopping mall. "I am receiving tips from <---- you guys"

It did sound like you were reading the script, I wonder if you would get more useful feedback if you spoke freely, you would then have an opportunity to get feedback on the areas of grammar you could improve on with your spoken English too.
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Hello, how have you been?

We’re in the end of the semester and last weekend, the teacher said that we have to create a product and record a video explaining why people should buy our product. I already created the product, I’m going to present an app specifically for those who are learning English, and I must say that this app was developed because I’ve been studying English every day, so it was pretty easy to develop this app, I believe the most difficult thing is recording the video without making mistakes, I’m not THAT worried but I intend to speak as naturally as I can.

In my opinion I’m going to get good grades, but I must pay attention to the pronunciation of the words. Recently I bought a book that explains how to pronounce the words correctly, but I’ve been in a hurry, so I haven’t had time to study yet, but even not studying pronunciation as hard as I can, I’ve been writing frequently and recording audios, but I think it’s not enough.

Well, that’s it.
I just wanted to tell this… and well, wish me luck at the presentation.
See you later, bye.