Tell us about a food that is typical from your place

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Nice rewriting! Yours expresses very well what I meant to convey.
Very interesting the use of the word "delight" referring to the food: delights,.. I have never thought of using like that, good to know!

Thanks again! :D
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As I live nowadays nearby a rural area in a coffe zone it was expected family and friends gathered around farms enjoying a gorgeous meal produced from its resources: garden, corn fields, cattle as cows, bulls, pigs, grange. One of the typical food is made by corn, a kind of bandle tied in the center with a thin rope (pamonha). And also made by corn, a kind of pudding (mingau ou curau).
In a september event in an exposition park is roasted a meat roullete served with rice, flour and maionese with potatoes. Usually we can sip a fire-water.
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ailime escreveu:Bill,

Nice rewriting! Yours expresses very well what I meant to convey.

Correcting.. It's just "meant", without "to convey". I do not know what I was thinking about....
My bad!! :cry:
Well, I'm from Minas Gerais, so my typical food is Feijoada xD, it's a very good dish, it has beans, sausages and a lot of meat, and of course, any 'mineiro' has to complement with a delightful and delicious 'farofa' Hmmm....
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Here in my town, we're descendents of Germans and Italians, people who came to our region around 200 years ago. So, you can imagine how many typical dishes from Germany and Italy we have here... there are really so many options of good foods like lasagnas, pizzas, pastas, hand-made noodles, roasted gooses, grilled pigs, pickled shredded cabbage, potato salad, grilled chickens, sausages, potatoes and so one... And, of course, something that is typical from the south of Brazil, our delicious "churrasco"!

That's it!
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"Pirarucu of casaca" is not a fish wearing a smoking, it is a Amazonia`s typical food made of a regional fish from Amazonia, it is seasoning with: piper, tomatoes, flour, bananas, coconut milk, etc. It`s very delicious, it`s similar to codfish.

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JERRYDORIEN escreveu:"Pirarucu of casaca" is not a fish wearing a smoking, (...)

haha, thanks for warning.

It seems to be really delicious.