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The best English teacher I've ever had was my teacher Sarah, she's from Rio and after she got back from the USA, she got to Espirito Santo to give classes, she has a cute son and her relatives live around here. She's an awesome teacher, always trying to be fun and the greatest teacher I've ever had.
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The best English Teacher I have ever had was a woman. She was Germany descendant and she was always very nice. My english was very awful but she was always trying to help me. The greatest thing it was that we liked the same things so it was good talk to her about things that we both liked. She is my favorite ever.
My best English teacher (the only one haha) I had I was in hight school. She explained very well and her pronounce was excellent. Almost everything about verbs, simple present, pronounce, pronouns that I know I learned with her. I remember a funny thing the guys always in silence when she was explaining the lesson and they keeping eyes fixed her drooling :lol:
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My best English teacher was Japanese descendant and everybody liked her, she was amazing, funny, I love her. She was my guiding teacher and I do love her!
I still have my best English teacher. She is Brazilian and doesn't have a method.
She explains the grammar and sometimes she tells us to do a text. Her English works are very good, are some videos and a "The Voice" in English.

She is a great teacher and I love her <3
I had one teacher and I think he was the best one that I ever had so far. I liked him because he didn't only explain a new topic he explained the reasons why we should use the way that grammar required. Beyond the curiosites he talked about the English language and their willingness to answer the student.