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Question: Tell us about a good teacher you had or have. Why is s/he so special? What is his/her best asset when comparing to other teachers you've had? (You don't need to mention his/her name in case you don't want to).


My best English teacher was Japanese descendant and was always smiling. She not only had a great knowledge about the language and teaching methods, but also was very considerate towards the students. Once she started the class telling the students off because of words that were invented in the compositions she had been correcting - I had invented one of them! Even so, she was always ready to help us, always encouraging us to improve. Unfortunately, now I live in another city so I can’t study with her anymore :(

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Marcio_Farias 12580 1 23 212
My former Brazilian English language teacher. She would pausedly pronounce every word. Like this: "Lookee... eet... up... in... the... dictionary." Back in '71. She taught me English using Lado Series textbooks.

gabii_fonseca 15
I'm a good English Teacher - LOL :lol:

josneywat 315 6
The best English teacher I've ever had was a Scotsman. He had no pity no patience. However I did learn the essential English to get by in almost every situaton.

RenanKenplers 85 3
I had only two teachers, apart from those who were government-hired (school teachers). My first teacher has an horrendous accent, but any road we were able to understand her. The second one is a South African teacher (Current one) and so far he has been getting his #1 position. But we don't know the future eh? There are more to come... always...



maryziller 365 1 1
my best English teacher was my 7th grade teacher. She taught us how to write essays and used interesting writing prompts such as doodles. Doodles are scribbles: pictures that don't mean anything specific. They encourage to use your imagination somewhat like Rorschach ink blots. has a picture of an ink blot test item. has a picture of a doodle.

Logan18 30
I had one good teacher his name is Ronald, indeed he is a very good teacher in spite of I haven't had much time to enjoy his classes because Ronald got a promotion from teacher to coordinator. He left for me a good impression about teachers, He was always dedicated and friendly and more he speaks four languages fluently with just 23 year-old. It's amazing, isn't it? I sincerely miss their classes. For me he is one of the best teachers in the whole world for his commitment with their students.

All the best for you teachers!

kelvinmunhoz 10
I had a good teacher in fact I still have but she's become my friend. I didn't like English so much but after when I started doing English course I realized that it is a good language and it depends on teacher because there are some boring teachers that don't know teach. She's is a great teacher :D

w.slayman 110
This is an old post but when I read it I could not resist the chance to talk about an English Teacher I had a long, long time ago.

In 1958 - Sputnik was Launched - Elvis was Drafted into the Army - The Ford Edsel was Introduced - Packard Automobiles Ceased Production - The Worst Recession Since the Great Depression - The Brooklyn Dogers Moved to LA -Postal Rates Went Up for the first time since 1932 - September 8, 1958 I meet Mrs. Rita K. Dent AKA the Old Witch.

Mrs. Rita K. Dent was my English teacher in the ninth grade, and she was the meanest teacher that I had ever had. Hey I was 14 years old and had spoken English all my life, I could even read and write English. I knew that English was a required subject for each year from 9th through 12th grade, but I never knew that a teacher could make a subject a tool of torture. She made us read a book a month and submit a written and oral report, we had vocabulary lists to memorize including meanings and spellings, we had to conjugate verbs, she did not permit any slang or cool language in her class room and the worst thing she made us do was to diagram sentences (for more information on this go to ). I had to work harder in her class than I ever did before, just to get an average grade, and was never so happy to see a school year end as I was when I was finally through with Mrs. Rita K. Dent, and I told her what I thought about her.

I had no problem with 10th and 11th grade English, did not work hard and got excellent grades.

AH MY LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL, LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL. I walked into my assigned English class dreaming about the beautiful young teacher I had signed up for, and Mrs. Rita K. Dent was standing there, and said with a smile "Welcome back Mr. Slayman, shall we take up where we left off?" I thought I was going to die, the beautiful young English teacher I had wanted, did not have enough room in her class so I got Mrs. Dent AGAIN, this was the only year she taught 12th grade. I survived, and though I have forgotten how to diagram a sentence, I still intuitively know when something is wrong with a sentence. The funniest thing is the older I get the more I appreciate what Mrs. Rita K. Dent did for me. I took her out to dinner several years ago told her that she was THE GREATEST TEACHER I ever had. Sometimes, "eating a little crow" is good for the soul.

By the way College English was a snap, I wonder why?

Flavia.lm 4075 1 10 94
Hi Bill

You mentioned the post is "old". I think the whole forum is a dynamic thing, we all can reactivate any of the discussions here. And, specifically regarding this section, there are no "new" nor "old" questions, the idea is to have the questions answered by the forum members, no matter when they decide to answer it, and no matter when the question was published.

- The weblink you gave is not working.
- I do have to come back here and tell other stories about other English teachers I had during my trajectory......

w.slayman 110
Flavia and all members,

Try the correct spelling My error, sorry. :oops:
Now you can see why I hated diagramming sentences, it was pure torture, but it helped me. ;) :D

Van-Spirandeo 50 2
Marcia is the name that comes to mind. She was a great teacher, knew when to push and when to let go, was always motivating her students. Taking tests in her class, for me, was a whole different experience, cause all I wanted was to show that very special teacher that I had learned and absorved every single word she had tought us.

Not only was she a great teacher, but also it was her encouraging attitude towards me (even defying at times! Daring me to go further!) that made me go for English as a career.

Thanks, Marcia!!

w.slayman 110
Van-Spirandeo escreveu:Marcia is the name that comes to mind. She was a great teacher, knew when to push and when to let go, was always motivating her students. Taking tests in her class, for me, was a whole different experience, cause all I wanted was to show that very special teacher that I had learned and absorved every single word she had tought us.

Not only was she a great teacher, but also it was her encouraging attitude towards me (even defying at times! Daring me to go further!) that made me go for English as a career.

Thanks, Marcia!!
If I may, I would like to offer a few suggestions in the form of a rewrite, and get your honest and frank opinion of what you think.

"Marcia is the name that comes to mind. She was a great teacher, knew when to push and when to let go, and was always motivating her students. Taking tests in her class was for me a whole different experience, because all I wanted was to show that very special teacher that I had learned and absorbed every single word that she had taught us.

Not only was she a great teacher, but her encouraging attitude towards me, at times defying and daring me to go further, convinced me to make teaching English my career.

Thanks, Marcia!!"

I realize that some of the changes are nitpicking, however with the quality of your writing that is the only way that I can see to offer suggested improvements. Furthermore, I do not speak the Queens English only American (the correct ;) )English, so any suggestions would apply to American English.

By Belinassi Saturday Sepetember 17, 2011

My best English teacher was Canadian and was always funy. He not only had a great knowledge about teacher how
a very skill person . I would like to study whith him again. I hoppe improve my English more one time in Montreal.

See you

ENG_rafael 10
I had an excellent teacher, when I was studying at Fisk, her name is Carmen. I say that because she was very interested on my progress in English, sometimes she told me that I was good at English, that I was getting better day after day, even though it didn´t sound true that time, but nowadays, looking afterwards I am able to comprehend she was right and more than that, was trying to encourage me in front of others, who were not so much interested.

It was clear she wasn´t an huge teacher concerned to great diplomas, but she was remarkable for her good intentions and efforts.

My best english teacher was called Marcio,he was a amazing person and he knew everything about english,all the rules and exceptions and the most important thing,he knew how he could pass the informations,the verbs,and the way of talk for us.
The classes were very dynamic with a lot of activities and conversation.A good strategy that he taught me was learn 3 words per day,every day,so mine vocabulary always have something more and different.
Today i always look for him when i have doubts or i wanna know something hard.
He was like a father for me and helped me with a lot of things in my life.
Today i haven't talked to him,but I still have good memories about his classes.

Marlon X19 1035 5 16
I had a very nice english teacher, her name is ''Claire'' (that's not her real name). She was my teacher during all the year, I was studying on the 8th grade, she taught me many things, she was really smart and pretty too lol ;) . But when I finished 8th grade I changed of school and I didn't talk to her again, except once when I met her on the city where she lives.

My first teacher was when I lived in Australia. I got in level 1, there are many asian students in my classroom, she's very patience and smart, everyone liked her, I never will forget, your name is Joh....I had others teacher's very good, also remember me of the Canadian teacher, he liked so much brazilian student's, but the prefered teacher of almost all student's was John, he was the funniest that already I knew, her classroom passed very fast, because he is very funny and liked of kid with difficulty of students in speak, we Brazilian he askek to speak some words with letter TRH, example Three, tree, throw. already to asian student's some word with letter "R" raise, running.

Lucas PAYNE 260 7
I hope my teacher will see this so my grades will improve. hehe!

My teacher is a woman and normally I said, are you sure you weren't born 10 thousand years ago? why Lucas? Because she knows more about Brazil that me...she's american, she writes, reads, speaks better than many Brazilians.
She likes everything to be perfect,so it requires that I do things perfect.

She's my teacher, my friend and definitely the method works for me.

The best English teacher I've ever had was my teacher Sarah, she's from Rio and after she got back from the USA, she got to Espirito Santo to give classes, she has a cute son and her relatives live around here. She's an awesome teacher, always trying to be fun and the greatest teacher I've ever had.

The best English Teacher I have ever had was a woman. She was Germany descendant and she was always very nice. My english was very awful but she was always trying to help me. The greatest thing it was that we liked the same things so it was good talk to her about things that we both liked. She is my favorite ever.

My best English teacher (the only one haha) I had I was in hight school. She explained very well and her pronounce was excellent. Almost everything about verbs, simple present, pronounce, pronouns that I know I learned with her. I remember a funny thing the guys always in silence when she was explaining the lesson and they keeping eyes fixed her drooling :lol:

Izabella Bruno 630 3 10
My best English teacher was Japanese descendant and everybody liked her, she was amazing, funny, I love her. She was my guiding teacher and I do love her!

Júlio Brito 130 5
I still have my best English teacher. She is Brazilian and doesn't have a method.
She explains the grammar and sometimes she tells us to do a text. Her English works are very good, are some videos and a "The Voice" in English.

She is a great teacher and I love her <3

brunoflorentino 20
I had one teacher and I think he was the best one that I ever had so far. I liked him because he didn't only explain a new topic he explained the reasons why we should use the way that grammar required. Beyond the curiosites he talked about the English language and their willingness to answer the student.