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He probably had calculus classes. Do you study engineering BTW?
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w.slayman escreveu:
Gustavo Dias escreveu:Today, in the morning, I just had calculum classes at collegue...

How about saying: "This morning I had a calculus at college."

I think it works better this way.

My reply should have been: "This morning I had a calculus class at college."

I have to slow down and read what I write! :oops:
I went to pick up my mother on the airport guarulhos. in the afternoon i went to the gym!
I didn't do anything important today, pff. I just went to shower to wash the hair, surfed on the net (and here I am still) and.. talked to my girl. <3
today I worked as usual, I was dead tired so I didn't study English
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Marcio_Farias escreveu:He probably had calculus classes. Do you study engineering BTW?

No. Calculus lessons. Says this forum poster while hastening to correct his own errors.
Good night,

Today, during all day I had classes at FGV. I'm studing MBA project management.
I'm in a party right now. My cousin's marriage was yesterday and here I am, watching peoples having fun while I'm reading some posts hehe. I'm newbye here so please sorry for my broken english (improve is the point)
I went out to watch Harry Potter 7 with my daughter and my nephew, it was marvelous!!!
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well, I am working right now! Yesterday night I went to the cinema with friends to watch Harry Potter 7, but I did not like, thought it could be better! Of course my point was about the movie, it could be better, I was not talking about hang out with my friends, it was perfect ;)