Than you x As you: Qual é o certo?

OtávioGaião 15 1
Hello guys, I was writing a comment on youtube when the following doubt came up (is it right? Can I use showed up?) in my head.

I'm going to try the same formation than you.
I'm going to try the same formation as you.

I think the first one is correct but I'm not sure, So guys, Can you help me? Which one is correct? And Why?

Please if there is any mistake in the phrases above please tell me.

Thanks in advance!
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Donay Mendonça 62960 22 99 1525

Prefira usar 'question' no lugar de 'doubt':"I was writing a comment on Youtube when the following question came up."

Cf. I have a Doubt x I have a Question

Bons estudos!
Marco Brainiac 30 1
Hi there!

Sometimes you can use "like". When I'll grow up wanna be like you.

She is like the wind.
maryziller 375 1 1
I'm going to try the same formation as you is correct.

Then is used when making comparisons of two things that are not the same, such as he is taller than you.

The is the same height as you. You use same as when the two things being compared are equal.
OtávioGaião 15 1
Thank you Donay! I will remember that next time.

Thanks everybody!