The Brazilian Connection: ladies' man, numbers' man

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This is totally unimportant, so if you want to stop reading now you won't miss anything. I was just struck by this famous physicist with a curious Brazilian connection:

"At the age of 31, having never ventured outside the United States, he visited Rio de Janeiro, where he lectured at the Centro Brasiliero de Pesquisas Friscas during the day. In the evening, he played drums for a samba band or picked up women – he particularly liked air stewardesses – in the bar of the Miramar Palace hotel."

That's about it for the salacious details, but if you want to read more about this genius, go here: ... NETTXT3487
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In fact, good one. In fact the feature turn a scientist/mathematician in a more human being. One with obssessions with numbers, with problems back home,with personality flaws but in the end he is "domesticated", age wisdom maybe or, on the other hand, he found the right project and opportunities in life.
The book "Outliers - Fora de Série." explains a lot on cases like this, Oppenheimer himself being one bad apple in the beggining, tried even kill by poisoning his post-graduation professor at faculty times. Fact that sent him straight to the psychiatrist, that in his turn, brought a sea change in his career.
To make a long story short, Oppenheimer ended up head of Mannhatan Project, and as a renowned scientist in America.
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