The difference between men's and women's brains

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Amazing, Mary!!!
I am one of those women who simply CAN'T UNDERSTAND "the nothing box" :D
Avatar do usuário Gabi 715 1 1 13
humm... I've watched it until the very end.
And...I can't agree with him.
He's an articulate speaker, very influental, but the way he explains about women's and men's brains are rather simplist, it doesn't open to a real reflection, the audience claping hands all the time for every single thing he says looks quite silly to me and well, I really think that everyone's got a "nothing box".
He sounds more like a comedian with sexist jokes than anything else.
And guys, that's my humble opinion....not judging who liked it.
Avatar do usuário Gabi 715 1 1 13
By the he a real comediant?