The end of Orkut, the end of an era.

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And so Google decided to deactivate Orkut until the end of 2014. Orkut, for those who don't know what it is, was the most popular social network in Brazil during the 00' years. How nostalgic!

It's been over 10 years since Orkut's creation and til now nothing compares to orkut communities when it comes to social networks. About one year ago I was still using'em. In fact, when friends of mine were discovering I still used to use it, they would look at me with funny and bizarre expressions.

Rest in peace Orkut, and I hope the social network that's going to replace Facebook in the future will have more interesting and intelligent resources for group discussions!
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I must express my admiration and respect for Orkut. It was a pioneering platform and indeed it was very simple and user-friendly. Other good aspect of it is that less intrusive and monopolistic than Facebook, for instance.
Today, every press outlet, every tiny blog, every piece of news, to be commented requires Facebook or some network entry requirement. That makes one think that doing that, one of these following alternatives is what happens:

-Either they get, or want some profit of it,
-They want to have one larger audience by somehow taking advantage of Facebook´s audience (people coming from other sites, blogs, etc; "intertwined" by Facebook -and others social networks.

To me, it seems a bit fishy when one can´t express his opinion straight away, having to use some proxy service to do it.
More so, when we learned that Facebook is one of the main targets of "forays", when somebody fish data from optical cables elsewhere. Sometimes to be biggest the fish on the pond makes a corporation a target.
Just food for thought. I am not biased against any kind of corporation, it´s just a passing comment.
Until the end of 2014? :shock:
Are you kidding?
It's really true!?

I still have my profile there, I used to use now and then yet! :cry:
Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12430 1 22 210
Google should kill Orkut on or around September 2014.