The meaning of "A color will be perched on my shoulder."

As I was reading "The Book Thief" I came across the following sentence: "A color will be perched on my shoulder."
What is the equivalent of this phrase in Portuguese?

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Ricardo F. Bernardi 2 25 389
A color will be perched on my shoulder
>> Uma cor será encarapitada sob meus ombros.
>> Uma cor será colocada em cima dos meus ombros.

Note: The Book Thief's author, Markus Zusak use the colors to represent the people's souls and the moment these souls are taken from their bodies. The book was written in 2005. The Death is one of the charaters and acts as a narrator who has a heart, telling the story of Liesel Meminger, the protagonist of the story and how she picked his interest. The issues of mortality and morality are also very present in each characters' lives. Colors hold a great significance during the whole novel. The sentence in question is related to the fact how close the Death was to describing what these colors are. At a first moment, the Death considered that there were only two colors in the world: black and white.